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General Information

Based on the successful initial development of the NHD and WBD, work has now shifted to a focus on stewardship. The increasing number of active users of the dataset, with increasingly sophisticated needs and applications, is driving the demand for a higher level of completeness and quality. Although the Oregon and Washington NHD contains known data quality deficiencies, most notably stream density inconsistencies based on original data sources, the dataset serves an important function for a variety of users. The stewardship program has been designed to further improve the quality of the dataset. More>>

NHD and WBD stewardship is a nationwide partnership. In 2008, the PNWHF entered into a NHD Stewardship Agreement with the USGS. This agreement spells out stewardship responsibilities for both the USGS and NRCS, as national stewards, and the PNWHF Partners as stewards and substewards within the two-state area.

Roles and Responsibilities

PNWHF stewards agree to take responsibility for the NHD and WBD for Oregon and Washington within the context of the nationwide partnership. Terminology has evolved over the past several years but the PNWHF is currently adhering to the State Steward, Sub-Steward, and National Steward terminology. More>>

Stewardship Process

The stewardship process flow describes the types of communication that are needed for successful stewardship of the NHD and WBD within the context of the PNWHF partnership. More>>