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Stewardship Process


The stewardship process flow describes the types of communication that are needed for successful stewardship of the NHD and WBD within the context of the PNWHF partnership. It begins with the need for a change being identified and ends with submittal of the resulting edit to the national repository. All PNWHF Partners have agreed to adhere to this process.

Many states across the country have one organization named as NHD or WBD State Steward. In Oregon/Washington, under the umbrella of the PNWHF, this role is treated a little differently. The role of State Steward is satisfied by collaboration between the partnering agencies and the PNWHF Partners have agreed to adhere to a process flow for conducting stewardship of the NHD and WBD.

Connector color coding: Green=flow path for minor edits requiring little review; Red=flow path for significant edit with concurrence; Blue=flow path for significant edits where additional review and concurrence required; Brown=notification flow path back to Local Steward.

Normal Process Flow

Automated tools will eventually be developed to assist the stewardship process. In the interim the following process will be followed. More>>

  1. A user or stakeholder submits a proposed update for review by notifying appropriate State Steward or Sub-Steward (Hereafter referred to as "Steward"). Refer to NHD and WBD Stewardship Contact Sheet .
  2. Proposed edit is added to update queue and Steward with jurisdictional responsibility is notified.
  3. Notified Steward reviews proposed edit, validates edit proposal and designates as minor or major edit .
  4. Minor edits are processed as update to NHD or WBD (based on available funding and staffing).
  5. Major edits enter consensus process. Other affected stewards are notified. Consensus is achieved and edits are processed as update to the NHD or WBD.>

Alternative Flow

Steward(s) declines update in the queue. Submitter is notified.