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Frequently Asked Questions

USGS provides a listing of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Please visit the USGS NHD FAQ page for this listing. Additional FAQs, frequently responded to by the PNWHF Partners are listed below.

  • Is there a whole stream identifier in the NHD?
    Currently the only whole stream identifiers in the NHD are the GNIS_ID and GNIS_NAME fields. The WA agencies (DFW and ECY) have agreed to develop a whole stream identifier based on LLID (lat/long identifier). The task is scheduled to begin this year. LLID'S developed by DFW will be used as identifiers.
  • How can my agency become an active NHD/WBD editor organization?
    Those whom have not previously been involved in NHD stewardship should contact their respective state data stewards, Bob Harmon (Oregon Water Resources Department, and Anita Store (Washington Department of Ecology, asto461@ECY.WA.GOV.)