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The Pacific Northwest Hydrography Framework (PNWHF) Partnership was formed in 2003. Original partnering organizations included the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), U.S. Forest Service (USFS), and the states of Oregon and Washington. Oregon Water Resources Department represents the Oregon agencies within the partnership. Washington Department of Ecology represents the Washington agencies. The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) for Oregon and Washington was added to the Partnership in a 2008 revision of the PNWHF Memorandum of Understanding. The PNWHF also has close working relationships with several other organizations including but not limited to StreamNet, the Oregon and Washington geospatial framework organizations, and the USGS geospatial liaisons for each state.

Mission Statement

The PNWHF fosters a strategic vision that embraces the creation, stewardship, and use of common hydrography datasets for its cooperating state, federal, tribal, and other partner and stakeholder organizations in Oregon and Washington. Specifically the PNWHF Partners agree to:

  • Provide stewardship for the NHD and the WBD.
  • Perform outreach to municipal, county, tribal and other organizations to showcase the benefits of using collaboratively developed hydrography datasets.
  • Cooperate with other hydrography data providers in Oregon and Washington to ensure a common understanding and appropriate uses of various available data sources.
  • Represent the interests of Oregon and Washington stewardship and stakeholder communities on national NHD and WBD teams.
  • Provide assistance, share methodologies, and processes where possible to promote use and stewardship of the NHD and WBD.

Outreach and Partnering with PNWHF

The PNWHF is dedicated to expanding its partnerships in Oregon and Washington. To this end, opportunities are pursued to expand the program to additional municipal, state, federal, tribal and other organizations. Please contact Please contact Jay Stevens (BLM – or Sheri Schneider (USGS –, if you would like to collaborate more fully with the PNWHF.